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Article 1 (apply)

This Agreement, shall be applied to any relationship involved in the use of the service between the user and the Company.

Article 2 (use registration)

Registration applicant is applying for a use registration by the methods prescribed by the Company, by the Company to approve this, it is assumed that use registration is complete. Company, if it is determined that there is less reason to use registration applicant, may not approve an application for usage registration, and for that reason shall not bear any disclosure obligations.

  1. If you are claiming the false matters during use registration application.
  2. If this Agreement is a request from the person who is that you have violated.
  3. anti-social forces, etc. (meaning the other person equivalent thereto.) It is, or maintenance of such anti-social forces through funding other, and etc. antisocial forces to cooperate or participate in the operation or management any exchange or when doing the involvement if the Company has determined.
  4. Others, if the company is determined to be not equivalent to usage registration.

Article 3 (management of user ID and password)

Users, at your own risk, and shall manage the user ID and password of the service. The user, in any case, can not be transferred or loaned user ID and password to a third party. You, in the case where the combination of user ID and password are logged in agreement with the registration information, consider the use by the users themselves that have registered their user ID.

Article 4 (use fee and payment method)

The user, if you want to advertise to the Service only, the advertising fee for inclusion in this web site, you shall pay by the method which we specified.

Article 5 (Prohibitions)

Users, on the occasion use of the service, must not be the following acts.

  1. Laws and regulations or actions that violate the public order and morals.
  2. The act relating to criminal acts.
  3. To destroy our server or network function, or to sabotage.
  4. Fear of a certain act to interfere with the operation of our service.
  5. Other act of collecting or storing personal information concerning the user.
  6. TO impersonate act to other users.
  7. In connection with our service, donating profits directly or indirectly against anti-social forces act.
  8. The Company, other users or any third party intellectual property rights of this service, portrait rights, privacy, act of infringement of the other rights or interests honor.
  9. Excessively violent expression, explicit sexual expression, race, nationality, creed, sex, social status, representation that leads to discrimination by family origin, etc., suicide, I attract or encourage self-injurious behavior, drug abuse expression, the expression offensive to others include other anti-social content, to post or transmit Acts.
  10. Business, publicity, advertising, solicitation, act for the purpose of other profit (except those that our admitted.), Sexual activity and actions for the purpose of indecent acts, dating and dating and acquaintance without the opposite sex the act of interest, act for the purpose of harassment and slander against other customers, the act of using this service in a different purpose and intended use of other this service is planned.
  11. religious activities or solicitation to religious groups.
  12. Any other activities that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 6 (such as a stop of the provision of the service)

Company If it is determined that there are any events below, shall provide all or part of the services can be stopped or interrupted without prior notice to the user.

  1. In the case of performing the maintenance or renewal of a computer system according to the present service.
  2. earthquake, lightning, fire, by force majeure, such as a power failure or natural disaster, if the provision of the service has become difficult.
  3. If a computer or a communication line or the like is stopped by accident.
  4. Other, if the Company has determined it is difficult to provide this service We, by the stop or interruption of the provision of the service, for any disadvantage or damage the user or third party has suffered, and does not assume any responsibility for any reason.

Article 7 (copyright)

The user, or having the necessary intellectual property rights, such as their own copyright, or the necessary rights holders sentences with permission of, only information such as image and video, is that you use the Service, and to post or edit It is assumed that you can. text the user has posted or edited using this service, image, for the copyright of the video, etc., shall be reserved to the user other existing right holders. However, the Company, post or edited text by using this service, image, and those that can take advantage of the video, etc., the user, for this use, and shall not exercise the moral rights. With the exception of those provisions of the preceding paragraph, the copyright and other intellectual property rights for any information related to this service, and this service will belong to all the rights who license its use to the Company or its users without permission reproduction, transfer, rent, translation, modification, sugar beet, (including the transmission enabling.) public transmission, transmission, distribution, publishing, and business use, etc. You want shall not.

Article 8 (use restrictions and deregistration)

The Company, in the following cases, without prior notice, delete the posting data, it shall be able to be deregistered as a restriction to or users the use of all or part of the service to the user.

  1. Violation of any provision of this Agreement
  2. When it is that there is a false fact was found in the registration matters
  3. If there is no use of greater than or equal to this service 1 year.
  4. If there is no response for more than 30 days to contact to obtain the inquiry other answers from the Company.
  5. If paragraph 2 Article 2 corresponds to each item.
  6. Other, if the Company has determined that it is not the appropriate use of this service. If you fall under any of the preceding paragraph, the user, of course lose the benefit of time for any of the obligations to us, immediately it must be repaid in a lump to the all of the debt to bear at that time. Our company, for damages caused to the user by the act that we have made under this section, does not take any responsibility.

Article 9 (guarantee of denial and disclaimer)

We, on the facts in this service or defect of legal (safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, efficacy, suitability for a particular purpose, related defects such as security, errors or bugs, and rights infringement includes you.) either explicitly or implicitly that there is no is not guaranteed. The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to the user due to this service. However, (including the Terms and Conditions.) Agreement between the Company and the user with respect to this service if it becomes a consumer contract as stipulated in consumer contract law, this exemption does not apply. Even if it is prescribed in the preceding paragraph, the Company (except for gross negligence.) The Company of negligence arose from special circumstances damage (the Company or the user of the damage caused to the user by default or tort by foreseen per incidentals, or contains If you were able to foresee.) It does not take responsibility for. In addition, (except for gross negligence.) The Company of negligence compensation for damages caused to the user by default or tort by, then the upper limit of the amount of the usage fee received from the user to the month in which the damage occurs. The Company, with respect to the present service, transactions that occurred in between the user and the other user or third party, does not assume responsibility for contact or conflict, or the like.

Article 10 (of the service contents change, etc.)

The Company, without notifying the user, it is assumed that it is possible to discontinue the provision of change the contents of this service or this service, this does not take responsibility for any damage caused to the user.

Article 11 (Change of Terms of Service)

You, if it is deemed necessary, it shall be possible to change this agreement anytime without notifying the user.

Article 12 (notification or contact)

Notification or communication between the user and the Company, and shall be carried out by the methods prescribed by the Company.

Article 13 (prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations)

The user, without prior consent by the Company in writing, to the transfer of the rights or obligations under the service contract on the position or this Agreement to a third party, or can not be subjected to collateral.

Article 14 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)

When the Terms of interpretation, and governed by the laws of Myanmar. If the dispute with respect to the present service has occurred, then the exclusive jurisdiction of the court having jurisdiction over the company's head office location.