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Article 1 (Privacy Information)

Among the privacy information and "personal information", it will refer to the name, date of birth, address, telephone number, the information that can identify a specific individual by contacts or other description, and the like. Among the privacy information as "history information and characteristics information" refers to something other than "personal information" as set forth in the above, search keyword service that had you use, the pages and advertising history of a look, the user has been retrieved , available date and time, the method you use, your environment, zip code, gender, occupation, age, user's IP address, cookie information, position information, it refers to such individual identification information of the terminal.

Article 2 (how to collect privacy information)

We may user to ask name when to use registration, e-mail address, the. In addition, trading records and that contains the user's personal information that has been made between the such as users and partners, the information related to the settlement of our partners (information provider, advertisers, and includes the advertising destination. Hereinafter referred to as " referred to as partners ".) There will be collected from such. The Company, for the user, and use the services and software, pages and advertising of history who browse, search keyword search, date of use, method of use, use the environment (in the case of available through the mobile terminal communication state of the terminal, use also includes various configuration information of the time), IP address, cookie information, position information, historical information and characteristics information, such as identification information of the terminal, the user browses the use of the Company and partners of service or page It will collect at the time.

Article 3 (purpose to collect and use the personal information)

purpose we collect and use the personal information is as follows.
(1) user to your registration information browsing and modification, for where I am going to view the usage and purpose of displaying the name, registration information such as contact, the use of services and information about them
(2) to or contact if necessary or send the goods or users when using e-mail addresses to the announcements and contact the user, the purpose of using the contact information such as name and address
(3) In order to perform the confirmation of the user identity, the purpose of using the name, information such as email address
(4) the purpose of accompanying the above-mentioned purpose of use

Article 4 (third party provision of personal information)

The Company, with the exception of the following cases, without previously obtaining the user's consent, never to provide personal information to third parties. However, unless you are permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations.
(1) If required by law
(2) human life, even if it is necessary for the protection of the body or property, when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
(3) When in a case where there is particularly necessary for the promotion of the improvement or the healthy growth of children and public health, it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
(4) national institution or person who received the local government or the commission is in a case where there is a need to cooperate with it to carry out the office prescribed by the laws and regulations, the implementation of the office by obtaining the consent of the person When there is a risk.

Article 5 (disclosure of personal information)

The Company may, when asked to disclosure of personal information from the person, to the person, will disclose this without delay. However, if by disclosing it falls under any of the following, there may not disclose all or part of the case where the decision not to disclose is to inform without delay to that effect.
(1) the person or a third party of life, body, property if there is a risk of harm to other rights and interests
(2) If the proper implementation of the Company's business could cause significant trouble
(3) when it comes to violation of other laws and regulations
Other, regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, for the information of non-personal information, such as history information and characteristics information, will not be disclosed as a general rule.

Article 6 (correction and deletion of personal information)

The user, in the case of self-personal information held by the Company is in the wrong information, in accordance with the procedures provided for by the Company is set, you can request a correction or deletion of personal information to the Company. Our company, if it is determined that the claim there is a need to respond to it in response to a request from the user in the preceding paragraph, without delay, make the correction or deletion of the personal information, and notifies the user.

Article 7 (personal information suspension of use, etc.)

From the person, personal information, for reasons that are acquired by reason or fraudulent means, that are treated beyond the scope of the purpose of use, the use of stop or erase (hereinafter referred to as "use called stop, etc. ".) If the prompted, make the necessary investigation without delay, based on the results, it is carried out suspension of use of personal information, and to notify the purport person. However, if when the suspension of use of the personal information has a lot of money in a case it is difficult to perform other use stop or the like, and take measures to alternative necessary to protect the rights and interests of the person is , we will take this alternative.

Article 8 (Terms & Condition for Drecome Beauty Online shopping)

<Our Service (Duty of Drecome) >
*Provide platform system 
―>Listing item
―>Receive order 
―>Receive Payment by API  with other digital money service
―>Transfer the order to brands by email 

<Receive Order>
*There is possibility items are out of stock without notice 
*Drecome will not pay for anything even though there are mistypings

<Out of Drecome responsibility 1 - Payment>
*Regarding inquiry for payment system, user must ask to each digital money service directly, not via Drecome.
Drecome just transfer users to each service by API connection system.

<Out of Drecome responsibility 2 -  Refunds, Returns, Exchange items>
*Regarding inquiry for items, user must ask to each brand directly, not via Drecome.
Drecome just provide platform to selling and listing.
*User need to contact to brand within 7days after it delivered for returning.
(Acceptable case : NOT opened, NOT used, NOT damaged)

<Out of Drecome responsibility 3 -  Delivery>
*Regarding inquiry for delivery, user must ask to each brands or delivery service directly, not via Drecome.
(But basically items are delivered within 3 working days from order, in Yangon and 5 working days from order in Mandalay)
Drecome just provide platform to selling and listing.

**** Anyway Drecome can’t have responsibility except for our service .
****This Terms & Condition may be updated without notice.

Article 9 (Change of privacy policy)

The contents of this policy, without notifying the user, and shall be able to modify. With the exception of the event that the Company specifies otherwise, privacy policy after the change, we agree that we have become effective from the time it is posted on this web site.

Article 10 (Inquiry)

For inquiries about this policy, please contact the contact information below.

Drecome Myanmar Co.,Ltd.
  • Room No. 601,6th Floor, Dana Hlaing Tower,Sanchaung Township,Yangon,Myanmar
  • 01 230 5578