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Cleansing facial cleansing soap with a high blend of vitamin C derivatives. Dullness, rough skin measures. It is refreshing and it does not crash. Contains moisturizing ingredients.

Ingredients :
Sucrose base, water, sucrose, glycerin, ethanol, sorbitol, ascorbyl phosphate Na, glycolic acid, Asai fruit extract, Terminaria ferlinanziana fruit extract, Myrsia dubia fruit extract, hawthorn extract, jujube fruit extract, jojoba seed oil , Water soluble proteoglycan, grapefruit peel oil, lemon fruit extract, apple fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, BG, titanium oxide, fragrance

how to use :
Lather well with lathering net wet with water or lukewarm water, gently wash your face like massaging with bubbles. Then rinse thoroughly. You can use it for the whole body.

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VC Soap / Alovivi / VPR

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