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Pro Anti Aging Collagen plus Cleanser 80g/HadaLabo

  • face wash | cleansing / make up remover
  • 6,600MMK

Rich & soft foam gently cleanses dead skin cells, dirt & sebum deep inside the pores. Collagen Plus ( Collagen & collaplus) boost the reproduction of collagen & elastin. Retinol inhibits the formation of melanin, nourish skin firm, smooth & bright. HA, SHA & Nano HA deeply hydrate skin, rejuvenate elastic structure & repair dry & dull skin.

Collagen plus, Retinol, HA, SHA & Nano HA.

Wet the face, take sufficient amount of cleanser onto palm, Foam it up & apply evenly over the face & rinse thoroughly with water.

If signs of redness, itching, irritation & other abnormalities occur, stop using & consult with a doctor.