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Perfect White Arbutin Lotion 100ml/HadaLabo

  • face lotion / toner
  • 16,800MMK

Pure Arbutin inhibits the development & dispersal of melanin deep under epidermis - the cause of melasma, freckles & dark spots, protect skin from the harmful effect of UV rays. Vit C & B3 enhance the ability of anti-oxidation, whiten dark skin & bright skin tone. HA & nano HA effectively hydrate epidermis layer, rejuvenate skin elasticity, resulting in white & smooth skin. Quick absorbing, non - greasy lotion.

Arbutin, Vitamin C & B3, HA & Nano HA.

After cleansing face, take sufficient amount of lotion onto palm, pat gently & evenly over the face.

If signs of redness, itching, irritation & other abnormalities occur, stop using & consult with doctor.