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The ultimate facial cleansing toner helps remove dirt and pollution residues from facial skin. Use after the facial wash to prepare skin for superior premium skin nourishment. NAMU LIFE SNAILWHITE Essential Toner in Hydrating formula contains Korea’s bamboo water and Alps Mountain’s Thyme flower extracts that help balance your skin to be smoother and long-lasting lock up all the moisture into the skin cells, including protect skin from pollutions and naturally revive youthful and healthy skin.
Direction to use
After washing your face, drop toner on cotton pads until it is soaked. Apply the cotton pads all over your facial skin. Use it regularly every morning and night.
• Deeply clean, purify and moisture lock-up skin cell
• Prep the skin for next skin care steps
• Alcohol Free

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Namu Life SnailWhite Essential Toner (Hydrating formula) 150 ml

  • face lotion
  • 30,000MMK
     (The price may change without notice)